VicRoads undertakes a verification process with all overseas licences. Where it cannot identify that the document presented has the required security features and needs verification, the licence needs to be sent off to the ‘Verification team’ for this to occur. This can take up to 72 hours. This process has been introduced following advice from the Department of Immigration and Border Protection and is evidenced through the number of fraudulent licences that have been presented at VicRoads CSCs.

The notification to VicRoads customers in relation to this requirement has been placed in all customer service centres and is as follows: “Overseas driver licence holders – VicRoads has been advised by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection that there are fraudulent overseas driver licences circulating in Victoria. In accordance with regulations, VicRoads will continue to verify overseas licences at all Customer Service Centres but the verification process may now require your licence to be retained for up to 72 hours before being returned to you.”